About Me


My name is Chris and I work as a web developer and live in New York City. I am happiest when I can help others solve their problems using skills I have crafted.

On my day-to-day I interact with the web and everything it has to offer. I specialize in building great looking, functional websites.

I have experience building websites on mulitple platforms including e-commerce, WordPress, and GatsbyJS. I have built web apps using Angular, Node, JSON, MongoDB and Amazaon Web Services (AWS).

Along with website and app development, I have experience in SEO, online marketing and website security.

When I'm not practicing my web development skills or building a website, I am running or spending time with my family.


  • Angular, React, JSON, Node, Sass, HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript, JQuery, BootStrap, Typescript
  • MongoDB, AWS Web
  • Chrome developer tools
  • Apache, NodeJS, Rest API
  • GitHub, Bitbucket, Nginx, AWS
  • VS Code, SSH
  • Google Analytics, SEO, Responsive Design
  • GatsbyJS, WordPress


  • Ran 3 marathons, including the NYC Marathon
  • Learning and growth is my obsession
  • I have a bachelor's degree from Michgan State University
  • I have my own web hosting business - Stipe Hosting
  • I created a web solutions company - Hoboken Web Solutions
  • I'm originally from the Mitten State (Michigan)